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SIM Resource Management

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SIM Resource Management Made Easy

For mobile network operators, effectively managing the lifecycle of telephone numbers and associated SIM resources is a fundamental requirement. From both a competitive and regulatory perspective, a high degree of competence in this area is a vital ingredient for a successful operation.

Yet number management isn’t straightforward. Planning is required for number utilization to ensure the MNO doesn’t run out of numbers that can be assigned to new customers. Utilization targets must be met in order to receive additional numbers. Contaminated or ported out numbers must be ring-fenced.

Evolving Systems has developed the best-in-class resource management solution to support mobile network operators adoption of public cloud and web scale architectures. Evolving Systems’ Total Number Management Solution (TNM™) delivers the ability to manage Telephone Number inventory and resources seamlessly and with confidence. This enables MNOs to:

  • Follow regulations with respect to how long a phone number can remain in an ordering, reserved or aging status
  • Return ported-in numbers to the block holder when the service is disconnected
  • Accurately manage IoT/M2M identifiers (EIDs, etc.)
  • Seamlessly automate resource management BSS workflows thanks to TNM’s Standard Resource Inventory Management REST API

  • Deploy and scale resource management rapidly and cost efficiently thanks to TNM's public cloud support

Solutions offered by Evolving Systems 


Click here to download the Total Number Management Datasheet 


Evolving Systems’ Total Number Management (TNM™) v6.0 is a scalable and fully automated system that enables operators (even at group level) to reliably and efficiently manage their telephone numbers (MSISDNs) and associated resources i.e. (e)SIMs, IMSIs, ICCIDs, EIDs as well as other communication identifiers such as URLs and email addresses and advanced IP address management (IPv6).

Built on a Microservices 'open architecture' framework, Cloud or on-premise deployment options are available with the ability to scale out with Multi-tenancy Support. An Open Source database can help lower the total cost of ownership and integration is straightforward with Standard Resource Inventory Management REST API.


Our solution also puts the MNO in a position to:




  • • Save time with automated regulator mandated reporting and forecasting
  • • Integrate with number portability products to ensure that inventory accurately reflects numbering changes due to number porting
  • • Leverage a highly configurable application data model to meet service providers’ complex business needs
  • • Remove barriers to support new lines of business including IoT/M2M and new communication platforms


...and much more!   Work with a Trusted Partner - Evolving Systems has advanced knowledge and expertise, with a proven track record to support you every step of the way!



Download the Total Number Management Datasheet. 

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About Total Number Management 

Effectively manage the lifecycle of telephone numbers and associated resources with complete Cloud based resource management solution from Evolving Systems. Some key capabilities include:


  • - Number Resource Management 
  • - Multi-tenancy 
  • - Customer Enterrise Portal
  • - Intutive Dashboard