A Real-time SIM Logistics and Inventory Management Solution

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Gain complete visibility of your SIM supply chain 


SIMplistix is a warehouse inventory management system which can manage an operator’s entire stock ordering, acceptance and transfer process, whilst also providing a real-time view of incoming and outgoing stock orders.


Key benefits include:


  • Achieve quick response times 
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Real-time data views of stock
  • Improved inventory planning and forecasting

Read our latest success story about how SIMplistixs is helping  an MNO in Asia having 60M+ Subscriber base, to automate their procedures for planning, sourcing, provisioning, and distribution. 




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SIM inventory management software

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Telecom network inventory management software from Evolving Systems 


SIMplistix offers a Real-time SIM Logistics and Inventory Management Solution  


Legacy ERP/BPM systems are inflexible and inefficient in managing SIM inventory and logistics. 


Evolving Systems SIMplistix solution helps MNO's to automate procedures for planning, sourcing, provisioning, and distribution.


As a result, keeps costs down and increases business profitability. 



Cloudor on-premise deployment





  • Cost savings by reducing stock floats and introducing KPIs for the different sales channels 


  • Real-time Tracking and Management



  • User portal with a full user management service


  • Mobile application for warehouse staff



Integration with 3rd party courier tracking websites services for shipment


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About SIMplistix

SIMplistix is a cloud-based SIM logistics and inventory management solution that can digitise and automate your SIM supply chain. It can reduce total cost of ownership through streamlined SIM distribution module to manage distributor orders, logistics, shipping and returns in an app and portal.