Secure SIM Swap: A solution within the Complete (e)SIM Lifecycle Management Suite

Combatting Fraud and Protecting Subscribers with Evolving Systems

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) must continually improve their operational processes. Today, particularly in the wake of the global Coronavirus pandemic, there is a need to focus on solutions that can:

  • Minimize physical interaction with subscribers and support what’s known as the ‘zero-touch’ approach
  • Improve business process efficiency, ultimately reducing costs
  • Enable new ways to up-sell and cross-sell products and services
  • Increase subscriber loyalty

Legacy SIM replacement processes are often a barrier to achieving these goals and the results are damaging. They can include:

  • Financial and reputational damage caused by unlawful SIM swap activities (fraud)
  • Additional costs due to a legacy way of handling replacement SIMs
  • Process inefficiencies due to various manual activities; an inability to assure zero-touch approach for subscribers
  • Limited up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to generate additional revenue and increase subscriber’s ‘stickiness’

Addressing these issues is presently a priority for many leading MNOs.

Click here to download the Secure SIM Swap Datasheet

Evolving Systems’ Secure SIM Swap solution provides our customers with the means to prevent fraud occurrences.  Our Secure SIM Swap solution is built upon an intelligent Risk Assessment Engine that can de-risk a potential fraud occurrence by real-time monitoring of a subscribers’ security score.  Our Secure SIM Swap solution also supports enhanced KYC including ID, face, and address verification methods and provides additional security measures, such as confirmation of the last dialled number, last 4 digits of the payment card, etc.

Evolving Systems' solution both optimizes processes and reduces costs by supporting blank/vanilla SIMs for replacement purposes. SIMs are neither pre-provisioned on the network nor pre-associated with a telephone number at manufacture and pre-sales stages, thus saving huge costs. By allowing a configurable dialog with the subscriber at the time of the SIM Swap process, the solution also supports an unassisted self-care way of completing the process and offers opportunities for up-sell and cross-sell.

The advantages of deploying Evolving Systems’ Secure SIM Swap solution, include:

  • A complete and secure low-cost SIM swap solution from a single vendor with 30+ years of expertise within the SIM lifecycle management ecosystem
  • Support for various use case scenarios to provide a highly efficient, cost-effective, and de- risked SIM Swap process
  • Multiple options for enhanced verification to ensure a secure SIM swap process takes place
  • Support for a variety of self-service capabilities as well as ability to utilize operator and partner channels
  • Automation of process by minimizing manual activities at the call center
  • A ‘zero-touch’ approach for consumers, providing up-sell and cross-sell opportunities for operators.

Evolving Systems has advanced knowledge and expertise, with a proven track record to support you every step of the way. Contact us today to discuss your business challenges in the SIM swapping space.