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Reasons Why Gamification Increases Customer Engagement

15 Mar 2021

Gamification Increases Customer Engagement

Using games within a self-care mobile app provides an effective channel via which enterprises can engage their customers.

This is important because it meets the need to :nd effective reasons for customers to choose to use these apps on a more frequent basis and that, in turn, drives digital engagement. This White Paper looks at how gamification can be the key to engaging customers.

Key takeaways:

Gamification can have an impact on whichever KPI you target as the primary objective: Grow ARPU

  • Drive Brand Affinity and Engagement
  • Increase Net Additions
  • Increase Net Promoter Score
  • Increase Top-up Value, Frequency and on digital channels
  • Increase data volume purchases
  • Increase loyalty program engagement

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Gamification Customer Engagement


15 Mar 2021