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MWC 2021: A report (Part 2)

12 Jul 2021

MWC 2021: A report (Part 2)

Here’s our second set of notes from Mobile World Congress 2021, to give you a general update on what we learned from attending various sessions at the event.

One particularly interesting session explored the immersive world of AR. One panelist suggested that it looks like finally AR is finding fertile soil in a world where more than 5 billion pictures and videos are shot every day. This proliferation of user generated content, together with contextual and real-time marketing capabilities and the ever-present smartphone, have created the perfect conditions to enable the development of the technology. 

In an attention economy like ours, the features and possibilities offered by AR open a new world of interaction and participation, meaningful personalization and real immersive experiences. AR can be fundamental to creating value across the purchase funnel (evaluation, purchase and experience/use), not only at the top as a shiny new technology created to attract new customers. 

All of these opportunities and trends are crystalizing in truly immersive and personalized experiences that customers enjoy and engage with beyond traditional video formats and pictures. One service provider, for instance, is leveraging its access to a vast customer base to create participatory and fun experiences that move away from traditional ad formats and, as traditional conversion rates continue to decline as a consequence of market saturation, lack of innovation and destructiveness, these experiences are becoming more and more important to a commercial successful future. 

Offering a rather immersive, personalized, fun and adaptive brand experience is proving critical to break out of the noise and emerge as a genuine, human and fluid/adaptive brand that wants to learn, play, and grow with its customers as unique sustained pathway to long term success.  

Another interesting session addressed ‘Unveiling the Power of e-SIM’. The session focused on the successful deployment of the National eSIM Platform in Saudi Arabia which can be used by all MNOs and MVNOs in the country. The platform has been deployed, is hosted locally and STC (Saudi Telecom Company) has gone through an extensive certification process for the eISM platform data center with GSMA. 

STC's eSIM journey started in Dec 2017 and it has since enabled 5 MVNOs launching their eSIM service. As of April 2021, 1 million eSIMs have been activated in total through the national platform. There are now 110 consumer devices on the market supporting eSIM. Last year, eSIM shipment grew 85% YOY and profile download transactions are growing 300% YOY. eSIM service is now almost completely global, allowing around 2 billion users to activate their eSIMs immediately. The SIMs serve as a major enabler of OPEX reduction and new revenue streams.

Despite this, only 20% of consumers in average (worldwide) are aware of eSIM technology. In comparison, 5G awareness is much higher. Nevertheless, 5G users (and users of wearables) do have higher eSIM awareness than other users. In a survey tracking potential interest in eSIM, 80% respondents among MNOs confirmed that they see eSIM as one of the key IoT enablers. 

If you’d like to discuss the eSIM opportunity and, in particular, our complete eSIM Lifecycle Suite please get in touch by clicking this link. As MWC underlined, there’s a lot to talk about.

12 Jul 2021