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Activating SIMs: Here’s The Standard

2 Jun 2020


Evolving Systems’ innovative and patented Dynamic SIM Allocation (DSA) solution represents the new standard for activating SIM cards. It’s available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution or it can be deployed on premise and it allows Communications Service Providers to offer the user experience and resource efficiency benefits of provisioning at point of sale without the retailer or subscriber self-service infrastructure costs. In other words, it delivers a significant advantage.

Deploying DSA means SIM cards can be activated the moment that a phone is first switched on and used. The need for any extended interaction with the wireless operator is thereby removed. Everything necessary is via done the handset in the palm of the customer’s hand.

With DSA, operators can sell any product in any channel. They benefit from being able to deliver unprecedented scope for personalization at the point of first use, and greater engagement with their existing customers which helps reduce churn.

DSA simultaneously improves efficiency in resource utilization and saves significant cost across both network and supply chains. DSA means addressing the CSPs market in a new way – competing through differentiation and driving revenues up, instead of competing on price and driving them down.

Evolving Systems' Dynamic SIM Allocation allows users to: 

  • Compete by offering choice - via a range of personalization options to any customer relevant to device, location and other circumstances. Customers are attracted by enhanced services, not just low price so revenues can be increased.
  • Any product in any channel - On-device personalization processes support more choices than independent channels can conventionally offer.
  • Better market data - Provide direct feedback on the success of products and promotions to enable better targeting of future products and services
  • Reduce customer churn - Continue to offer new personalization options via their device after activation. This reduces the risk of churn.
  • Efficiency improvements - Moving from pre-provisioning to 'just-in-time' allocation of costly resources, at the point of first use instead of weeks or months earlier significantly reduces customer acquisition costs. Making SIMs independent of products in the distribution chain means stock can be more easily moved to meet demand. 

Dynamic SIM Allocation, in short, turns a resource into an asset. How you turn the cell phone on becomes synonymous with how you turn the profits tap on.

2 Jun 2020