Prospective Employee and Employee Information

(Please read our general Privacy Policy first)

If you submit an application for employment, or you are currently an employee of Evolving Systems, Inc. or its affiliated entities (collectively, “EVOL”),  you authorize EVOL  to collect and process the information, including but not limited to the personal information that you submit (collectively "Employee Information"). Examples of Employee Information collected in connection with your employment or application for employment include but are not limited to your name, date of birth, government issued identification (passport, social security number, driver’s license number), banking information, marital status, health information, benefit information, title, employment history, education, job qualifications, and other relevant employee personal data. We also collect some of this information about your dependents when you provide it to us when you enroll in health and other benefits or provide contact information. By providing personal information about family members or other individuals, you represent that you have their consent to provide this information to us for the purposes set forth in this Policy. Employee Information does not include any information that is available to the general public and excludes information generally available on a business card.

EVOL will collect, use, store, retain and secure your Employee Information in accordance with this  Policy. With respect to your social security number, EVOL will not intentionally communicate or make available, in any manner, your social security number to the general public. EVOL will not print your social security number on any card required for you to access services provided by EVOL. EVOL will not require you to transmit your social security number over the Internet, unless the connection is secure or the social security number is encrypted. EVOL will not print your social security number on any materials that are mailed to you, unless state or federal law requires or permits the social security number to be on the document to be mailed.

In accordance with applicable law, EVOL may use Employee Information to evaluate applications for employment, manage work-related aspects of the employee-employer relationship (i.e., training, payroll, benefits, travel, reimbursement expenses, performance appraisals, succession planning, team member health and safety), investigate and respond to any claims related to your employment, and comply with applicable laws and regulations. Your Employee Information will not be used for direct marketing purposes by us or any third party service provider, unless you specifically consent to such use.

EVOL shares your Employee Information with third parties who provide outsourced human resource functions to us. Those third parties are required to protect your Employee Information. EVOL may disclose your Employee Information if required or permitted to do so by law (such as when part of a governmental agency action or litigation), governmental or quasi-governmental requests, or a regulatory organization, or to relevant third parties such as site technicians, brokers, auditors, lawyers, or professional advisors. In the event that EVOL considers it necessary or where required by law to disclose Employee Information in certain situations where the health, safety, or well-being of a team member is at imminent risk, we may share your Employee Information with our outside lawyers, law enforcement or others who are legally authorized. As EVOL continues to develop our business, we may buy or sell assets. In the unlikely event that EVOL is acquired in a stock or asset transaction Employee Information may be transferred to the acquiring entity.

Employee Information may be stored in hard copy or electronic format within your branch office or in the company’s computer systems (both cloud and internal) in the United States or other countries where EVOL, its affiliates, agents, or contractors conduct business. Your Employee Information may be transmitted and stored in our human resources systems and used to manage your employment, may become part of your personnel file, and may be used for other work-related purposes. Your Employee Information will be kept for as long as is legally required, and in some instances longer depending upon the needs of the organization and industry practices.  By providing your Employee Information to us, you consent to such transmission and storage.

If you have any complaints regarding our compliance with this  Policy, you should first contact us at the address listed below under the section titled "Contact Information" or by emailing  If you are a resident of the European Union and you have an unresolved concern regarding your Employee Information that we have not addressed satisfactorily, please contact your local data protection authority.