Secure Over-The-Air 

SIM Card Management

Evolving Systems’ Over-The-Air (OTA) Platform

Solution Details

Evolving Systems’ Over-The-Air (OTA) Platform provides secure remote management of SIM files and applications, ensuring reliable updates occur efficiently and without impacting subscriber mobile services.

The mobile ecosystem is quickly accumulating new applications and becoming more advanced. As a result, remote SIM configuration has become increasingly more important in order to enable seamless updates either via the Short Message Service (SMS) or an IP-based bearer. This process helps optimize the configuration data updates for SIM cards and enables the distribution of new SIM application updates and configuration settings to (U)SIMs which access these services.

Evolving Systems provides a cost-effective platform which has been designed to provide a secure OTA SIM card management solution for operators. 

Here is a sample set of Use-cases that the platform can provide:

  • Automated Network Prioritization – Adhere to regulatory requirements to ensure selected subscribers are provided with network priority, for example in times of disaster or emergency situations.
  • Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN)
    Management –
    Maintenance of the PLMN and/or FPLMN file on the (U)SIM according to the latest roaming agreements (either domestic or foreign). This will help the operator optimize roaming revenues as well as enhance network connectivity offerings.
  • Service Provider Name (SPN) – As mobile operators continue to innovate and revamp their branding, either in the form of a new digital mobile subscription, a new brand identity or even a differentiated premium service brand that provides loyalty benefits, this may require a change to the SPN, either in a batch SIM or individual SIM update in real-time.

OTA Platform – Key Features

  • Remote File Management – remote updating of SIM card Elemental Files (EFs) over SMS and controlling information stored within the SIM file system
  • Remote Applet Management – managing the deployment of Java applets on (U)SIM cards
  • IP OTA Support – for bearer independent protocol (BIP) and transmission via HTTP
  • SIM Resource Management – change the identifiers and groups associated with a SIM card, manage the applications to be downloaded as well control the versioning of applications and ensuring that updates made to SIM cards are correctly formatted
  • OTA Manager Web Portal – a feature rich interface enabling the setup of user privileges which govern the features that are accessible by each user
  • Menu Designer and Management (additional module) – design, manage version control, group by and push menus to multiple SIM cards at the same time
  • Audit Logging and Dashboard Reporting – view the overall state of the system and monitor how many operations are being processed (OTA and User activity)

OTA Platform – Key Benefits

  • Scalable future-proof platform – resilient microservices architecture using open RESTful APIs, leveraging quicker deployment times, and supporting traditional SMS channels as well as HTTPS
  • Intuitive and easy to use – flexible user management configuration, audit tracking, user authentication and configuration of SIM Toolkit (STK) menus, with international locale support
  • Detailed reporting dashboard – OTA activity reports providing overall success rate of SIM OTA settings, delivery reports and error checking, with custom reports available through the UI framework

Industry-leading Results


Faster Time to Market

ARPU Increased


Less User Churn

Digital Sales


of telcos generate their revenue from physical channels – their own stores, via distributors or individuals

Digital Intelligence Equals Competitive Advantage

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