Omdia Analyst Report: An Essential guide

for CSPs designing and powering engaging digital customer experiences

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Leverage the power of digital

What do CSPs need to fully realise the potential of digital services, diversify and grow their revenue streams? Data services now account for nearly 89% of CSP revenue worldwide so CSPs have no other option but to revisit their customer engagement strategies. Here are three factors a digital first customer is looking for in their engagement.


Deliver an experience that is personalized to the individual customer.

Omdia report

Data Driven

Building a digital-ready customer engagement strategy.


A unified customer engagement strategy to allow flow of information across channels.


Seamlessly adapt to changing customer needs in real-time.

The next generation customer
engagement platform

Today’s digital-first customer will interact on several digital and traditional channels and will expect a consistent and personal experience regardless of the channel in which they are interacting with the CSP. Without a proper customer engagement strategy in place, CSPs will struggle to keep up with the
evolving expectations of their customers as new channels emerge. The building blocks of a digital-ready customer engagement strategy includes four key
competencies embedded deep into your cutsomer engagement platform.


Design Exceptional Customer Engagement and Experience 

The old ways of enagaging with your customers are now obsolete. Grow your revenue by leveraging diverse, digital revenue streams with Evolving System's customer life cycle management solutions. 

Customer engagement and loyalty

To promote customer engagement in digital channels there are several approaches that can be deployed alongside a strong engagement strategy. The report highlights some examples of how a customer engagement strategy can be implemented to improve the types and quality of engagement the CSP has with its customers. These are supported by relevant case studies from Evolving System’s customers.


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