Long Term Customer Relationships

The game changer behind building customer loyalty that last

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Evolution: The game changer behind building customer loyalty that last

Customer Loyalty programmes today all too often fail in their task of building profitable, long-term relationships with customers. There are many reasons why this is the case, including:

  • A lack of credibility and trust between service provider and customer
  • Rewards that are neither relevant nor sufficiently desirable to the recipient
  • An approach to interacting and recognizing customers that is distant rather than intelligent
  • Programmes goals that aren’t clearly defined

CSPs Marketers have historically designed Customer Loyalty programmes that offer run-of-the-mill to poorly understood recipients. They hope this will mean they can charge more and move away from commodity pricing and into the realm of getting an emotional response if the programs are successful. But increasingly, traditional loyalty programs are failing to deliver the desired results.

The Long-Term Customer Relationship Success Datasheet


We know that undifferentiated loyalty and customer engagement programs fail to drive long term customer relationships or deliver a positive brand impact. This failure erodes brand value and challenges CSP loyalty to design innovative programs that become essential components of their brand strategy and key enablers of compelling and consistent long-term relationships.

To do this, they must make sure that they define what compelling customer value is at each stage of the customer life cycle, drive personalised and interactive experiences and rewards and get top management buy-in to activate all departments around the brand loyalty strategy goals. Ultimately, the results of successfully achieving these aims enables CSPs to:

  • • Save time with automated regulator mandated reporting and forecasting
  • • Foster higher engagement and advocacy
  • • Increase cross and up sell
  • • Define service and product features that adjust to evolving customer behaviour
  • • Deliver higher customer value across categories and channels
  • • Enhanced performance in contract renewals, service upgrade and retention journeys


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