Discover the features of our
Gamified Lending system

Optimized Customer Outreach

Proactive lending complemented by personalized outbound communications offering loans to eligible customers.

Personalized Reward Catalog

Different rewards catered to unique customers, times, and interactions.

Tier-Based Lending

Higher-tier customers enjoy the advantage of borrowing more based on their repayment history.

Targeted Campaigns

Curated campaigns for customers eligible for loans.

Reward Repayments

Earn points, climb the ranks, and win prizes for timely repayments.

Interactive Gamification

Elevate customer engagement and promote repeat usage with captivating gamified elements.

Flexible Lending

Opt to borrow promotional items, data, or SMS and pay back with the next promo.

Customizable Repayment Fees

Enjoy lower interest rates with higher tiers.

Integrated Platforms

Effortlessly access loans through our self-care app, SMSC, and USSD.