Blank-SIM Technology enables next-generation dealer systems for CSP's

In our last blog we looked at the role of the dealer in helping CSP's expand their reach to enroll and service subscribers. We saw how they are able to leverage government mandated Know Your Customer or KYC requirements as an opportunity to better understand and engage subscribers and improve subscriber UX and loyalty. Today we explore some of the technical aspects of the tools, solutions and technology that power this opportunity.

The need for equipment required to ensure SIMs, the subscribers personal information and equipment IDs of devices like mi-fi hot-spots and mobile phones can all be recorded and tracked necessitates a PoS system with these capabilities to be available. Specific capabilities include CRM functionality, the ability to scan, store and retrieve documents and user signature, bio-metric scanning of user details such as fingerprints  and the ability to transfer and exchange these with central systems for record keeping, user identity verification and meeting government archival and compliance requirements.

The cost of providing and managing a PC-based PoS terminal running centralized user-registration software and a set of supporting equipment such as document scanners, bio-metric scanners, backup systems, internet connectivity, etc. meant that setting up dealerships required significant investment in systems, lead times, office space and experienced operating staff.

As a point of reference, the average cost of a modern mobile phone-based dealer management system, like Evolving Systems' Smart Dealer product, costs less than $50 per location. Compare that to the over $800 required for a traditional platform! In the wake of a new government regulation, one of Evolving's CSPs was limited to offering KYC through just its 300 stores. Evolving helped roll its Android-phone-based Smart Dealer solution to mobilize 9,000 dealers in a matter of months.

Transporting subscriber, plan and device details from dealers to headquarters would not seem to be a source of concern or errors but we have found this to be quite the opposite as staff and even customers fill out these documents. Details are missed, spelling mistakes and dyslexic number are entered and if that wasn't enough - entire files or dockets are lost or misplaced. Financial and credibility losses as well as the confusion and delays that result are easily avoided by using a system capable of automating the data and ID capture process and electronic document delivery.

CSPs who have recognized these challenges, weighed their options for fixes and selected a solution to convert these into opportunities for differentiation and market leadership, are the ones leading the way forward in attracting , engaging and improving the customer journey, mind-share and loyalty. We'll explore various aspects of the customer journey and this digital engagement in our next blog. Stay tuned. Or get more information about our solutions now!