Smart Dealer

Enabling the Mobile Sales Channel
through Digitalization and Automation

The Smart Dealer platform provides operators a modularized tool
to digitalize their dealer network and offer a truly unique
subscriber experience.

The Five Modules

Dealer Management


  • Create a secured user management & control access based on rights & privileges.
  • Manage dealers. See hierarchy and user role management. 
  • Achieve a seamless onboarding of Dealers/ retailers to the platform through a configurable dealer registration & verification process.
  • Prevent revenue loss by tracking dealer locations to ensure the most comprehensive coverage and deploy channels in areas where special events occur.
  • Deliver an efficient mobile point-of-sale solution through Android-based application and Web interface. The application will support all features and functionality required by the sales channels.
Dealer Commission Management and Performance Tracking

Provide information on dealer performance and commission to help incentivize dealers to promote the various products and services offered actively. See where sales are happening in real time and track the location of dealers.

Know Your Customer (KYC) Registration




  • Determine if a given form of ID is authentic and belongs to the subscriber to ensure that the person behind a transaction is who they say they are, done through fingerprint scanning or liveliness image detection
  • Provide the ability to sign contract documents and store them for future referencing digitally
Real-time SIM Activation and Recharge

Engage, activate, and personalize your subscribers through your dealer network, making it a painless onboarding experience while maximizing revenue opportunities at the point of sale.

Sales Insights and Reports

Improve business efficiency, minimize risk, and drive revenues by understanding sales of goods and services across the dealer network.

Modularized toolset for a unique subscriber experience.

Smart Dealer brings in multiple benefits to the operator

  • Enjoy real-time engagement with the subscriber during activation or top-up with new promotions
  • Trial new offers through “split-testing” and determine the best offers to use by region, time, day, or device
  • Capture subscriber details for enhanced KYC (Digital Know Your Customer) prepaid registration using standard, low-cost devices. Photograph the ID, enter the information, and accept a digital signature, all via the App. Link to the activation procedure and reduce dealer equipment, paperwork, and manual processes
  • Build trust with dealers by giving them up-to-the-minute information on their performance, remuneration, sales numbers, and commissions
  • Reduce the costs of mistrust and avoid repeated dealer calls to HQ, checking sales are registered, and their commission is recognized
  • Increase efficiency through real-time team reports and visibility of dealer performance by team or individual
  • Free the dealer from the shop or counter. Activate, top-up, and SIM swap subscribers wherever they are
  • Support the dealer community with support tickets, resolution updates, and direct operator-to-dealer communication, ultimately saving the costs of repeated issues and improving sales efficiency