Call Evolving Systems' Helpline: +1 3038021040

All Evolving Systems employees help to create a positive and productive work environment by acting professionally; treating others with respect; doing what is appropriate and required by law; and providing the company with feedback regarding serious issues.

There are several options for you to use to report concerns or voice comments or suggestions without worry of any kind of retribution. No one who, in good faith, raises an ethical question or business concern will face retaliation of any kind. Anyone who retaliates against someone who reports or questions suspected unethical or illegal behavior will face severe punishment, including potential employment termination.

Evolving Systems Anonymous Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at:  

+1 3038021040 (voicemail) or online in the form below

Issues that should be reported may include, but are not limited to, concerns about:

  • Accounting and auditing practices
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Gifts and gratuities
  • Copyright usage
  • Unlicensed software
  • Employment law
  • Theft
  • Safety
  • Improper use of company property
  • Falsifying reports
  • Workplace violence
  • Drug use
  • Securities and insider trading
  • Confidential information disclosed
  • Anonymous verbal reports may be submitted by calling +13038021040. Please include as much specific information as possible. Your call is recorded by the Evolving Systems voicemail system. No matter what number you place your call from, neither your extension nor your phone number is recorded. You have the option to identify yourself if you choose, but, if not, your message will remain anonymous. Your message will be retrieved by a member of the Legal department.
  • Anonymous reports may be submitted via the form below. You have the option to identify yourself by entering your Name or E-mail address; if neither Name nor E-mail address is entered, your submission remains anonymous. Enter a short summary of your concern, question, comment, or suggestion for reference purposes. Then type a detailed description of the issue and click “submit.” Your online submission will be retrieved via an anonymous email to a member of the Legal department.

Note: Every voice message and online submission will be thoroughly analyzed to determine whether the report raises, or may raise, a material concern and whether the report is sufficiently detailed and/or supported by facts or evidence to permit an investigation. Following the analysis and/or investigation, the appropriate personnel will review the results and take any necessary or appropriate curative steps. Matters involving accounting or auditing practices will be brought to the attention of the Evolving Systems Board of Directors.

You may also report concerns or voice comments and suggestions in person to your manager, or to Legal.

Additionally, if you wish to report a concern to someone outside of the management team, you can use the Anonymous Helpline to send an anonymous message to the Board of Directors by entering information online in the form below.

Helpline/Feedback Form