eSIM and SIM Solutions

Drive New Revenue from SIM Activation, Provisioning and Number Management Solutions


Evolving Systems offers products and solutions for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) that maximize customer lifetime value (CLV) from subscribers. Our mobile activation, provisioning and number management solutions for eSIM or SIM driven devices including those for IoT and M2M use, is used by communication service providers (CSPs) in over 65 countries to improve customer acquisition, customer engagement and customer retention. Some of our customers include:

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eSIM and SIM ordering, distribution, sales and activation solutions

Evolving Systems challenged established SIM distribution and activation practices by introducing its patented Dynamic SIM Allocation™ (DSA) in 2007. Chosen by wireless operators across Asia, Europe, Africa, and Central and Latin America, DSA™ has since been the standard for activating SIM cards. Our DSA™ Smart Dealer enables operators to sell any offer in any channel, with unlimited scope to personalize at the point of first use, and to help drive real-time digital engagement with existing customers. At the same time, DSA™ improves efficiency in resource utilization and saves significant cost across the network and supply chains. Together, these help reduce churn and improve customer lifetime value (CLV).

SIM ordering and resource management

  • Standardize SIM ordering with scheduled orders based on usage patterns without worrying about SIM or service-type, offer tied to it, or transportation logistics 
  • DSA technology eliminates concerns about SIM type, regions and SIM expiration dates or overstocking costs
  • Real-time operator inventory enables ordering exactly what is required and available without any shortfalls or need to change orders
  • Real-time sales enable dealers and stores to see local inventory levels
  • Electronic records mean no more missing "paperwork" or errors on orders
  • Manage, report and recycle with Evolving Systems' Number Management solutions for IMSI, MSISDN, IP, ICCIDs. With integrated mapping capabilities track all ICCIDs, MSISDNs, IMSIs and IP relationships.

SIM distribution 

  • Fewer SIM types translates into significant savings from simplified packaging and logistics needs
  • No need to ferry different kinds and volumes of SIMs between stores and distributors to match demand for SIMs, service-type or popular offers by region.

Real-time number assignment / dynamic sim allocation 

  • Reduce network license use - avoid the cost to "license up" to the next tier by maximizing utilization of existing number ranges
  • Reduce staff requirements - using automation and built-in compliance checks as well as attrition from dated and tedious operations
  • Ensure regulatory compliance - with no room for ambiguity or misinterpretation by the Sales or Network Operations 


mPOS Smart dealer, SIM sales

  • Address problems in the dealer channel - let your sales force focus on sales, not on activation delays, resolving errors, following up on commission credits and such
  • Empower dealers and their sales staff to sell SIMs anywhere, anytime with any of your offers
  • Android and iOS-based  solutions unchain staff from stores and POS equipment
  • Minimize transaction times by eliminating manual systems for logging device and SIM numbers, photocopies and ID verification 
  • Solve Know Your Customer (KYC) challenges - with solutions that enable your sales force to have the ability to capture mandatory inputs while enforcing local compliance
  • Every premium or vanity number at every dealer for an explosion in number choices for customers
  • Enable partnerships and extend SIM sales through coalition-loyalty programs


  • Scalability to handle hundreds of thousands of activations per day enables operators to focus on other areas to drive growth
  • Reduce network resource use - reclaim expensive HLR, HSS and database capacity by eliminating pre-provisioning
  • Eliminate expensive activation and provisioning errors, reduce tickets and support costs - with intelligent paperless data recording, relay and resolution