11 ways

Telcos can thrive while in a social distancing world

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A time to act: The telecoms response to COVID-19 and beyond

In this factsheet, we share 11 Use Cases of our solutions that can be quickly initiated by CSP's (Communication Service Providers) and can to help restore normal social and business operations during and after the current pandemic. 

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You can lead the new global landscape

Solutions offered by Evolving Systems 


How can you quickly initiate and enhance a local response to a global pandemic 


The telecommunications industry, are in position to step up and make important contributions to society in the coming months.

With Evolving Systems technology, CSPs have the chance to innovate, respond to need, contribute to social well-being, and play an important role.

Sell and Manage more SIMs using digital channels 


Distribute  SIMs ’en masse’ without  incurring the cost of networkand enable remote activation of SIMs


Manage Know Your Customer(KYC)


Conduct KYC checks taking into account social distancing through self registration 

Interactive Information Services


Adapt by changing loyaly programs, digital vouchering, enable charity donations, apply for quick loans and more.

Rapid 4G Activiation  


Secure self-service SIM-swap enables the subscriber to switch from 3G to 4G from the comfort of their own home

Campaign Management


Managing a large portfolio of automated, below-the-line, personalized lifecycle campaigns 

Digital vouchering


Digtal voucher generation for scarce resources, upload, allocation, distribution and real-time validation


Find out how we can help manage and respond to covid-19. 


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Evolving Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: EVOL) is a real-time digital engagement accelerator with 100+ customers across 5 continents, empowering Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to increase revenue per user, reduce friction, improve retention and maximize customer satisfaction.