David J Nicol
Board Member

Mr. Nicol was appointed to the Board of Directors in March 2004. He also serves as Chairman of the Board’s Audit Committee as well as Chairman of the Compensation Committee. Mr. Nicol also serves on the boards of two private companies and is a board advisor to several others. He is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors and the Financial Executives Institute. Mr. Nicol, a longstanding consultant to the IT services industry, most recently served as President and Chief Operating Officer of StrongWatch, a security innovation company headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. Previously, he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Solutionary, a managed IT security services provider. Mr. Nicol also raised ‘A’ round venture funding and helped launch Sipera Systems (VOIP security solutions), later acquired by Avaya. He is also the retired Senior Vice President, Product Management and Development for VeriSign Communications Services, which provides signaling, intelligent network services and related e-commerce solutions to all service provider segments.

At VeriSign and previously at Illuminet, Mr. Nicol was responsible for product management and product development for network services, IN services, clearinghouse services and network applications. He has held a variety of positions including Vice President Business Development for ITN, Chief Operating Officer for International Micronet Systems, Inc., Chief Operating Officer and Partner for iLAN, Inc. and Vice President Corporate Planning for Sprint Corporation. Mr. Nicol holds a B.Sc. from Ohio State University, an M.A. from Case Institute of Technology, and a Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University. Mr. Nicol has taught corporate finance at the MBA level at the Weatherhead School of Management of Case Western Reserve University.